Grow your business right.

Metrics, forecasting and prediction tools for Shopify.

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Install now through the Shopify App Store.


Clearly understand the performance of your business over time


Get clear insight into where your business can grow


Use machine learning to get accurate predictions about valuable customers

Built for Shopify so you can grow with confidence

By the numbers is built for Shopify and integrates directly into the admin portal of your Shop. With one click, you can get up and running in minutes. No coding or changes necessary to your store.

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Get control over your business

By the numbers is your central hub that helps you see, and react to, absolutely everything that’s happening in your shop. All your important numbers in one place.

Forecasting is your magical crystal ball that helps you predict and plan for the future.

Customer segmentation, rich customer profiles, and much more!

Stay in the know

By the numbers will keep you and your team closely connected to the performance of your business like how effectively you're retaining users.

Stay informed with daily, weekly, or monthly reports via email.

Send important updates to your team’s Slack channels.

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